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2008 Midwest/MHSLA Conference
Mark the date! Midwest Chapter of the Medical Library Association is having a joint meeting with MHSLA October 17-21, 2008. The conference theme is VITAL SIGNS: Keeping You and Your Library Vibrant and Healthy. The Conference will be held at the Troy, Michigan Marriott.

MHSLA Members' Publications

The following is a list of publications submitted by MHSLA members. The web page is created to serve as a venue where MHSLA members can share their experiences, knowledge, research efforts, and stories through their publications of articles and books.

MHSLA members, if you have an article, book, or book chapter already published and would like to share with us, please email your publication references in the APA style to Marie-Lise Shams at and indicate "MHSLA Publication" in your email address line.

Consumer Health

Charbonneau, D. H., & Healy, A. M. (2006). Collaborating with Community Partners to Provide Health Information in Arabic. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet. 10(2):1-10. Abstract.

Charbonneau, D. H., &  Healy, A. M. (2005). Genetics Home Reference: Locating Easy-to-Understand Genetics Information. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet. 9(4):61-68. Abstract.

McDougal J.N., Council E.A., & Powers B.S. (2007). Systemic Toxicity from Skin Exposures (or What Happens When You Do Not Decontaminate). Journal of Chemical Health and Safety, 14(4): 24-31. Abstract
Mi, M. (2005). Consumer health searcher. Clinical trials database: linking patients to medical research. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, 9(3): 59-67. Abstract.
Platts, B. (2005). American Indian Health Web Site: An Information Portal from the National Library of Medicine. Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet. 9(2):67-75. Abstract.
Powers, B. (2006) Reading Level of Lung Cancer Patient Education Materials: A Ten-Year Follow-Up Study. Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 6(4): 69-74. Abstract
Volk, R. M. (2007). Expert searching in consumer health: an important role for librarians in the age of the Internet and the Web. J Med Libr Assoc. 95(2): 203-207, e66. Full Text
Volk, R. M. (2007). The Medical Library Association Guide to Cancer Information: Authoritative, Patient-Friendly, Print and Electronic Resources. New York, NY: Neal-Schuman.

Library Instruction
Mi, M. (2006). Evaluation of a hospital medical library class for NICU nurses. Medical Reference Services Quarter, 25(4): 21-35. Abstract.

Library Services

Adams D.L., Bulgarelli N., Tubolino K., & Williams G.A. (1994). Hospital Library Customer Survey: A Needs Assessment Tool. National Network. 19(2): 4, 24-7.
Klein M.S., Ross F.V., Adams D.L., & Gilbert C.M. (1994). Effect of Online Literature Searching on Length of Stay and Patient Care Costs. Academic Medicine. 69(6): 489-95. Abstract
Mani, N., & Wu, W. (2006). Information on Demand: Alert Services and Selection guidelines for Librarians. Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries, 3(4): 33-49. Abstract.
Mi, M., & Gilbert, C. (2007). Needs assessment: Prerequisite for service excellence. Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 7(4): 31-52. Abstract

Nursing Information Resources

Mi, M. (2006). Multicultural Internet resources for pediatric nurses. Minority Nurse, Spring, 44-47.

Shams M. L, & Dixon, L. S. (2007). Mapping Selected General Literature of International Nursing. Journal of the Medical Library Association. 95(1):e1-5. Full Text.

Shams M. L. (2006). Mapping the literature of nurse practitioners. Journal of the Medical Library Association. 94(2 Suppl): E114-21. Full Text.

Professional Development

Mi, M. (2005). Cultural competence for libraries and librarians in health care institutions. Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 5(2): 15-31.

Weech, T. L., & Konieczny, A. M. (2007). Alternative careers for graduates of LIS schools: The north american perspective -- an analysis of the literature. Journal of Librarianship and Information Science, 39(2): 67-78.


Eames, C. (2006). Circulating PDAs: A hospital library experience. Journal of Hospital Librarianship, 6(1): 95-101. Abstract.
Martin, P. W., Arndt,T. S., & Rana, G. K. (2006). Clinical use of PDAs the library's role in bringing medical information to the point of care. Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries, 3(2): 83-90. Abstract.

Platts, B. (2005). Developing Digital Library Access for Rural Health Care Providers and Consumers: Northern Michigan Access Project. Journal of Hospital Librarianship. v 5 (4): 81-89. Abstract.

Wu, W. G., & Li, J. (2007). RSS made easy: a basic guide for librarians. Medical Reference Services Quarterly, 26(1): 37-50. Abstract.

Any question/comment/suggestion? Please email the MHSLA Research Committee.


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